Matthew Van Wettering
*Preacher (AMC) *Night Shift (NBC) *Granite Mountain (Brolin) *Horse Soldiers (Hemsworth)
*Chris Bylsma
*From Dusk Til Dawn (El Rey) *Godless (Netflix) *Night Shift (NBC)
Jessi Burkette
*Breaking Bad (AMC) *Courtesan
Darren Kennedy
*CSI (CBS) *Just Shoot Me (NBC) *Angel (WB)
Somyia Finley
*Smoke Break: The Daily Webseries
Stephen Matlock
*Counter Parts *Rook
Hala Finley
*Man With A Plan (CBS) SERIES LEAD
Tosin Morohunfola
*Chicago Med (NBC - recurring) *Empire (FOX) *Chicago Fire (NBC) *APD (FOX)
Lance Newton
*Chicago Fire (NBC) *Sirens (USA)
Andrea Fantauzzi
Jeffrey Staab
Smoke Break: The Daily Webseries * Jayhawkers * Trust Fund
Andy Penn
*Captives *Welcome Home

Examples of reels BTR has edited, from actors' previous work!  Whether it's short films, features, webisodes, or episodic work - we make you stand out & have the right service for you!

(In fact, we've even cut down ten features into a 3min reel, but jobs of that size are exception prices that are quoted on a case-by-case basis)

Visit our YouTube Channel for additional reels - there are always more being added!

Mrva Russell
BTR *CUSTOM* Scenes - Drama/Comedy
Journey Tupper 
BTR *CUSTOM* Scenes - Drama/Comedy
Desmond McIntyre
BTR *CUSTOM* Scenes - Drama/Comedy
Pamela Caraway
BTR *CUSTOM* Scenes - Drama/Comedy

Examples of custom scenes BTR has created for actors!

We write two (or more) scenes specifically for you, then we hire a crew & rent equipment, produce & direct the scenes, & then edit them into the finished product!

Great for actors that are beginning & wanting to show what they can do; but also key for veteran actors fighting off typecasting by displaying more range to Casting Directors!